Our startup Genius EduLabs wins Social Impact award

Genius EduLabs wins social impact category award at the annual Hysea(Hyderabad software exporters association) awards function.

Genius Edulabs, has bagged the award for their Innovation -NANO SCIENCE LAB, which is a 3ft x3ft modular cabinet with wheels which can store 415 varieties of Lab apparatus and chemicals to perform 250 science experiments for the classes VI to X in CBSE/ICSE/STATE syllabus.

A science teacher can walk into the classroom with NANO SCIENCE LAB and create lot of excitement among students which will lead to 100% student engagement & participation  which is a missing link in present lesson planning in a school.55c2c3f9-79cf-4c18-84d5-963637bf5e21 DSC_0842

Hindu media link here Genius Edulabs award

Sunrise hackathon March

Sunrise hackathons fourth edition, is happening this weekend saturday and sunday. Interested participants are requested to carry their laptops along with them if possible

Venue : IETE Hall, Adjacent to Electronics and Communication Department, Andhra University

Time: 19th March 10.30 AM to 20th March 2PM

Startups in Vizag are also meeting for knowledge sharing at the same venue, to coincide with the hackathon event @ 10.30 AM 19th march.
A practicing chartered accountant, will also clarify any questions regarding financial and compliance for startups

Embracing the ecosystem

We human beings are trendsetters.  To that extent, it is good to be.   The problem is Рwe are also trend followers without being persuaded.   Launching new businesses is not an exception to this.  If E-commerce is hot trend, we will see host of new businesses getting into this space.  Ride sharing, photo sharing, mobile messsaging, and the trend list goes on.

Just as we habitually follow trends, business evolution also follows a trend of its own. ¬†The first few disrupters will capture investor attention, become unicorns, late entrants are sceptically viewed by investors and consumers alike as “me too” businesses. They remain mediocratic or extinct. ¬†It is painful. ¬†Miserable.

I wonder, is there a way to break this trend? Fortunately, there is.

Let us take ecommerce example.  Should everybody rush to set up click-buy-ship  formula online stores?  I think the fundamental question to answer is Р I should do whatI am good at, and not what is nice to do.  But,  can I really isolate the what is hot (trend) with what is not (I am good at), yet be successful?  I may not be, if I am narrowly focussing on the hot trend click-buy-ship ecommerce alone.  Contrary to this, I may be successsful if I am focussing on the larger eosystem around ecommerce.   My skill may not lie in the smaller domain of ecommerce, but I may find a match in the larger ecosystem of ecommerce.   If I find, then I can continue to focus and sharpen my skills and resources in that area.

What is the larger ecosystem around ecommerce where diverse skills may promise success? Here is my take.

Merchandizing: If my skill is prototyping, designing, selecting, and procuring, then I have an opportunity to be an aggregator in merchandizing for ecommerce.

Packaging: Packaging is an intersection of art and science.  As a standalone business area, packaging domain offers immense scope for innovating space saving, optimizing, safe and secure, user friendly, eco friendly and user experience enhancing business case.  Steve Jobs focussed on packaging that he personally oversaw Apple products package designs.  Jeff Bezos simplified packaging of amazon shipments when an eighty year old lady complained of how difficult it is for her to open a package received from amazon. Need any more endorsements for how important is packaging in ecommerce ecosystem?

Logistics: Consumer logistics is the lifeblood of ecommerce.  The time delay between in-store purchase vs. online purchase is an unsolved puzzle to the ecommerce industry. Ecommerce leaders will bless  any disruptive logistics business model that can give consumer the power to receive the ordered item just in as much time it takes to go to the nearest store and buy it.  Big daddies of ecommerce are struggling to get there, but there is no proven logistics model that has solved this time delay.

Training: Does ecommerce have an industry specific training needs?  Is there room for specializing in training for ecommerce industry,  and be a leader in training domain?  You bet there is.  The delivery fleet, particularly on-road crew require training on road safety, customer etiquette, managing themselves and the space around, emergency and exception management areas.

Document verification: Employment in ecommerce industry is throwing up newer large scale opportunities for document and personal information verification business.  A disruptive business in this area to that can be, while remaining a niche third party player, yet seamlessly integrate with the ecommerce internal business work flows.  An ecommerce giant would rather want to contract with industry leader in this domain, than deal with multiple agencies in each city.  For example, millions of crowd sourced or employed drivers personal information and document verification has to happen  before they are on-boarded.  There is a need for aggregator in this space too.

Creative ecommerce: If my skill set is coding and designing awesome mobile apps, web sites, online stores with minimal clicks,  minimal data entry, with rich User Experience (UX),   I may taste success in buildinga and maintaining  mobile apps and web sites for ecommerce rather than I myself getting into ecommerce retailing.

Returns and refurbishing:  I have the wherewithal to buy returned goods, refurbish, resell and offer a blanket of care and support to the buyers. Then  I would venture into selling refurbished goods either online or offline.  Managing returns, inspection, refurbishing and reselling is a resource straining area that ecommerce leaders wish someone takes it away from them.

Installation and servicing: Not all online purchases are installation-free.  Consumers and ecommerce businesses alike are willing to pay suitably if a specialist can take away installation and servicing from them.  Read the story of an autistic Canadian man who can install and assemble any complicated furniture in less than 1 hour here

In summary, ecommerce retailing as a business is narrow; it is not for everyone. But the ecosystem is wider.  It is diverse. It has more room for play.  Why crowd the space, when we can discover our niche and win?  There are two choices Рbe successful and become story board.   Crowd the space and become statistics. Mediocracy is not a conscious choice.  It happens unconsciously.


Good to see our hackathon series, getting traction. We had about 70 attendees, and the event also had the workshop on Python by Anand. It also caught the attention of the CM’s office, and got re-tweeted from the Chief Ministers official twitter handle


David from Captstone university, Tatiana from Moscow State University, who were mentoring teams for the smart city challenge, visited our Incubator, and interacted with the startups.



December Hackathon

Our December Hackathon is scheduled for 19th and 20th December.

As part of the hackathon a workshop on phython is being conducted on Saturday 19th from 10 AM to 1 PM

The workshop will start with brief summary of Python and how it is being used in the industry, followed by a series of interesting examples spanning various domains to introduce the concepts of the programming language.

The workshop will be conducted by Anand Chitipothu. Anand is a software consultant and trainer with more than 13 years of programming experience. He has conducted many Python trainings, both in the industry and at various academic institutions. His clients includes Yahoo, Intuit, LinkedIn among many others.

Anand is a fellow of Python Software Foundation and co-author of web.py, a micro web framework in Python.

Venue: IETE Hall, Andhra University


Hackathon Series

We are collaborating with Andhra University computer center and IETE Vizag Chapter, to organize atleast one hackathon every month.

This would introduce a new culture of product development, prototyping new ideas, team work in vizag.

Our first hackathon themed on smart cities happened on 21st and 22nd November, and it was well received.  The event was also covered by media

The hindu article here:

Hindu Coverage of hackathon



Connect 2015

At Startup Moksha, we believe in sharing know how, best practices and experiences with other startup ecosystems. We are support organization for the annual conference and exhibition on ICT,  connect 2015, jointly organized by CII and government of Tamil Nadu.

The theme for this edition of¬†CONNECT¬†is¬†‚ÄúBuilding the Digital DNA: Fostering the ecosystem‚ÄĚ focusing¬†on¬†Startup ecosystem in Tamil Nadu

Visit  www.ciiconnect.in for more updates on Connect 2015

You can register for the event here


Conference and Exhibition on Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Theme: Building the Digital DNA: Fostering the ecosystem

9th & 10th December 2015:  Hotel ITC Grand Chola, Chennai