Hypercat Incubator

Silicon Coast Foundation, the registered not for profit organization managing startup moksha, has signed agreement to manage hypercat incubator in India, with offices in Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam. Applications are being accepted on the website www.hypercat.in for the same.

About Flexeye:
Flexeye provides the software engine, tools and expertise needed for public and private sector organizations to collaborate and solve complex smart city and industrial challenges. Flexeye combines powerful analytics and compelling data visualization to provide real-time operational intelligence – helping cities to improve services, reduce costs and open up new revenue streams. More about Flexeye http://flexeye.com

According to Srini Chilukuri, MD, Flexeye IT Services – Flexeye leads several collaborative engagements and HYPERCAT (www.hypercat.io) has grown from a government backed program, with funding in excess of £8m, and which is driving interoperability in IoT. HyperCat is a non-profit organization, HyperCat is chaired by Lord Erroll, a cross-bench member of the House of Lords. HyperCat has signed the MOU between BSI and W3C to promote and become a Publicly Available Standard (PAS) for UK and International markets. HyperCat is a not for profit organization driving secure and interoperable Internet of Things (IoT) for industry and cities supported by more that 800 organisations. The HyperCat Consortium, co-funded by InnovateUK, is developing an IoT standard on interoperability and proving its capabilities through the innovation of technological solutions. HyperCat is managed by Flexeye and supported by an Advisory Board.

Flexeye runs three HyperCat initiatives as Academy, Incubator and Accelerator. Academy is focused on the colleges and universities in generating the resources for execution of IOT and Smart City requirements and Incubator is focused in supporting and bringing in the IOT focused startups to the market, expertise level mentoring, international collaborations with the organizations in the same vertical, funding and opportunities for the best companies to showcase their capabilities to the world on a HyperCat platform – HyperSpace and HyperCat Summits.

Accelerator is for much bigger companies where they work towards resolving the real-time problems for the society and bringing in the solutions to the market for better living. The HyperCat accelerator will also consider approaches to financing, governance and procurement across these areas.

The leading technology, engineering and services companies (BT, Cisco, Symantec, KPMG LLP, Flexeye and WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff) have entered into a Teaming Agreement. The purpose of this teaming between leading technology, engineering and services companies is to agree a core set of principles by which they can cooperate and use the key capabilities and competencies each party brings to help accelerate the adoption of smart city services and provide potential revenue for the members through the delivery of technology, engineering and services. The companies will work together to identify, target, develop and deliver these services for clients wishing to deploy and exploit Smart technologies in new and existing infrastructure projects.

HyperCat, with Flexeye as a lead partner, is focused on making data from connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices discoverable, searchable and addressable. This addresses two of the central challenges of the rapidly evolving Internet of Things: firstly, how to find relevant and trustworthy data from connected “things”; and secondly how to make it easier for those things to talk to each other. It has a strong set of backers including Innovate UK, the Mayor of London’s Office, the Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation, BT, Cisco, Flexeye, KPMG, Symantec and WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff. The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, launched OPDC in April 2015 to drive forward future regeneration of the site linked to the construction of a vast High Speed 2 (HS2) and Crossrail Station and deliver up to 25,500 homes and 65,000 jobs.

A strong and commercially viable pipeline of opportunity will be identified in order to close early adopters of jointly defined blueprint solutions and services, with the first engagement planned to be the OPDC (Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation) in London which is Europe’s largest regeneration project. Old Oak includes a new £10bn GDV transport super hub to open in 2026 connecting five of the UK’s airports and is the only location in the country connecting High Speed 2, Crossrail, the Great West Coast Mainline and London overground networks.

Below are the benefits from HyperCat Incubator.

  • Access to a bigger ecosystem working towards IOT and Smart Cities.
  • At the moment, HyperCat consortium is having 700+ companies and its growing at a faster pace.
  • Most of the companies have expertise in IOT and Smart Cities verticals.
  • In-house mentors and mentorships from various organizations within the consortium.
  • Funding opportunities for the startups from the Angels and HNI’s.
  • HyperAngels is in the process of formation, once this is formed there will be a huge list of angels from the world.
  • Access to Flexeye Platform, where you can develop the application and dashboard at ease without any effort, to rapidly prototype applications
  • Complete support towards the HyperCat standards and integration of standards in the applications.
  • HyperCat Standards are recognized by BSI, which will be the first IOT/Smart City standards in the world recognized by a renowned Institute.
  • Support towards the development of the applications, including the technical and resource support (limited extend).
  • Low cost based Incubator in the center of the City.
  • Access to HyperSpace(annual event in london) and launch of the selected applications.
  • Show case of these applications to the rest of the world, helps gain huge credibility.
  • Learn from experts in the industry who have succesfully executed the next generation technologies.
  • Support from Hardware companies to build IoT devices.


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